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2011-2012 Projects

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Performance at National/International Student Project Competitions

MINI-BAJA East (SAE Project):

2011 1st place in Water Maneuverability; 7th in Endurance; 8th in Cost; & 10th in Land Maneuverability ( 8th overall in a field of 59 entries)

2008: 3rd in Water Maneuverability; 4th in cost; 4th in overall Dynamic, & 8th in Endurance Race (7th place overall in a field of 92 entires)

2007: 26th place overall in a field of 75 entries

2006: 17th overall in a field of 66 entries; tied for 7th in design; 13th in acceleration

2004: First Place Braking Category

2003: Finished Fourth Place Overall; Won four-hour Endurance Race, and as a result, received the following awards: Honda R&D Americas Best Performance Award and Flag of the 2003 Mini-Baja East Competition

2002: 1st place in Engineering Design Category; 1st place in Land Maneuverability; 1st place in Endurance Race; 2nd place in Water Maneuverability; 3rd place in Suspension and Traction; Special Award from Honda R&D Americas – The Best Performance Award; Special Award from SAE – The Flag of Year 2002 Mini-Baja East Race. (2nd Place Overall in Mini Baja East)(TCNJ Mini-Baja also competed this year in the Mini-Baja Midwest Competition and finished seventh overall out of approximately 125 engineering schools)

2001: TCNJ entered competition with two cars (car #23, and car #40) with car #23 finishing in 6th place, and Car # 40 finishing in 9th place out of 47 entered vehicles.

Won the competition in 1991.

Solar Splash (ASME Project):

2012:  4th place ranking overall. Awarded Outstanding Hull Design, Outstanding Workmanship, 3rd place ranking in the Slalom and technical report competitions, and 5th place ranking in the Sprint competition.

2009: 3rd place ranking in the 300 meter Sprint competition, two 2nd place finishes in the Visual Display competition and the Solar Slalom. The team was also awarded the Outstanding Systems Design Award.

2008: Outstanding Electrical System Design; Outstanding Drive Train Design; First place in Outstanding Technical Report (6th place overall)

2005: 2nd Place in Solar Slolam; Outstanding Electrical System Design (6th place overall)

2004: IEEE Outstanding Electrical System Design Award and the ASME Best Technical Report award (5th place overall)

2003: 9th Place Overall; Received ASME Outstanding Systems Design Award (9th place overall)

2002: Received IEEE Outstanding Electrical System Design Award and first place award for technical reporting (11th place overall)

2001: First place for technical reporting; third place for interviewing/displaying (9th place overall)

IEEE Micro-Mouse Competition:

2011: Third Place IEEE Regional Competion
2008: First Place IEEE Region 1 Competition
Second Place IEEE Region 1 Competition

2006: First Place IEEE Region 1 Competition
2005: First Place IEEE Region 1 Competition
2004: Third Place IEEE Region 1 Competition

ASME – Student Design Contest:

2011: First Place at the National Championship of the ASME Student Design Contest (Denver, CO)
2005: Second Place in Mechanism Design Competition (San Diego, CA)
2000: Second Place (Ithica, New York).

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