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New Jersey Turnpike Bridge Over Mill Lane


  1. Isaac Garcia,
  2. Joseph King (Team Leader),
  3. Jonathan Raybould,
  4. Michael Trull

Advisors: A. Bechtel, V. Krstic

As part of the New Jersey Turnpike Exit 6-9 Widening program, a new structure was designed adjacent to the existing bridge in order to accommodate more lanes of traffic. Due to the increased capacity of the bridge, the structure will need to accommodate 6 lanes of high speed (65 mph) traffic. The scope of the project called for both a structural and geotechnical design. The structural team adopted a total number of 6 girders for the super structure by optimizing scale factors of the moment of inertia. In addition, a factored HL93 AASHTO Design Truck Load was applied to the structure. The geotechnical team used boring logs to develop an idealized soil profile for the abutments. Using calculated soil properties, the foundation was designed for the abutment, using programs including Driven, Group 7, and GRLWEAP accounting for the estimated tip elevation, minimum tip elevation, and drivability of the piles respectively. Future work on this project includes a finalized structural design of girders utilizing the program Visual Analysis software, as well as an MSE wall and approach embankment design.

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